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Holiday Sides - Holiday Specials
Team Love Seafood (Mobile, AL)

7 Cheese Sea and Soul Mac Bomb Kits

2 Mac Bombs of your choice, with 2 sides of Crunchy Coating for you to take home or give as a gift. We will give you the frying instructions on how to have the perfect Mac Bomb at home.

Mac Bomb Kits:Seafood (qty 2) +$13Chicken (qty 2) +$11Chicken & Jalapeno (qty 2) +$11.25Just Cheese (qty 2) +$10
Sauces EXTRA Other (the more *, the spicier) - (Optional):No Sauce Triple Threat (Boom Boom, cajun ranch, & ranch) +$1.50** Cajun Ranch +$0.50Cajun Ranch & Ranch +$1** Cajun Ranch + Salt & Vinegar +$1** Boom Boom +$0.50* Buffalo +$0.50*Buffalo + Lemon Pepper +$1*Sweet Zensation +$0.50Garlic Parmesan +$0.50Honey BBQ +$0.50Honey Tangy BBQ +$0.50Honey BBQ and Sweet & Tangy +$1Sweet and Tangy BBQ +$1Sweet & Tangy and Ranch +$1Ranch +$0.50Cajun Que +$0.50

Team Love Seafood (Mobile, AL)

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