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Nachos and Loaded Fries - Team Love Seafood Menu
Jax Food Truck

Blooming Nachos


Fried Flour Tortillas topped with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Fried Peppers, your choice of meat(s), and our Boom Boom sauce poured all over it!!

Meat (Choose 1):Fish Shrimp Chicken Fish & Chicken +$2Fish & Shrimp +$2Chicken & Shrimp +$2Fish, Shrimp and Chicken +$4
Sauces (the more *, the spicier) EXTRA (Select):**Boom Boom +$0.50***Full Boom (sauteed hot & sweet peppers in garlic lemon butter and topped with OUR Boom Boom sauce) +$1Triple Threat (Boom Boom, cajun, & ranch +$1**Cajun Ranch +$0.50**Cajun Ranch + Salt & Vinegar +$1*Buffalo +$0.50*Buffalo + Lemon Pepper +$1Sweet & Tangy Sweet & Tangy Lemon Pepper +$1*Sweet Zensation +$0.50Garlic Parmesan +$0.50Honey BBQ +$0.50Cocktail +$0.50Tartar +$0.50*Remoulade +$0.50Ranch +$0.50Blue Cheese +$0.50Honey Mustard +$0.50Lemon Pepper (Dry) +$0.50Salt & Vinegar (Dry) +$0.50
Preparation (Select 1):Fried Fried Hard Fried Lightly Blackened Blackened Lightly Grilled
Sauce Options (Select 1):On the Side No Sauce Tossed +$0.50Drizzled Full Boom (on it) Full Boom (on the side +$0.25

Jax Food Truck