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Make Your Own Plate - Team Love Seafood Menu
Jax Food Truck

Bone-In Wing Plates

Sides are not automatically included, don't forget to add it.

5 Wings $710 Wings $1115 Wings $16.7520 Wings $21.75Fried Hard
Wing Parts (Choose 1):Mixed Flats & Drums All Flats +$1.50All Drums +$1.50
Sauce (the more *, the spicier) - (Select 1):No Sauce Full Bloom (sauteed hot & sweet peppers in garlic lemon butter and topped with our Boom Boom sauce +$1Triple Threat (Boom Boom, cajun ranch, & ranch) +$1** Cajun Ranch ** Cajun Ranch + Salt & Vinegar ** Boom Boom * Buffalo *Buffalo + Lemon Pepper *Remoulade Sweet and Tangy *Sweet Zensation Garlic Parmesan Honey BBQ Cocktail Tartar Ranch Blue Cheese Honey Mustard Lemon Pepper (Dry) Salt & Vinegar (Dry)
Sauce Options (Select 1):On the Side No Sauce Tossed +$0.50Drizzled Full Boom (on it) Full Boom (on the side +$0.25
Dipping Sauce:Ranch Blue Cheese
Add-on Sides (Optional):French Fries +$2.25Fried Pickles +$2.25Fried Okra +$2.25Zucchini/Squash +$2.25Zucchini ONLY +$2.25Squash ONLY +$2.25Simple Salad +$2.25Hush Puppies (6) +$2.25
Add-on Boneless Wings:5 boneless +$510 boneless +$1015 boneless +$15
Add-on Fish:1 Fish +$52 Fish +$103 Fish +$154 Fish +$20
Add-on Shrimp:5 Shrimp +$510 Shrimp +$1015 Shrimp +$1520 Shrimp +$20
Add-on Tenders:2 Tenders +$54 Tenders +$106 Tenders +$15
Add-on Traditional Bone-in Wings:5 Bone-in +$610 Bone-in +$1115 Bone-in +$16

Jax Food Truck