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Make Your Own Plate - Team Love Seafood Menu
Jax Food Truck

Boneless Wing Plates

Hand-cut and hand-breaded chicken tender pieces with the sauce flavor of your choice. It comes with your choice of ranch or blue cheese dipping sauce. Sides are not automatically included, don't forget to add it. If you add on shrimp...(Please NOTE we are low and will run out of the bigger size shrimp, when this happens we will substitute the smaller Mayport shrimp and give a few extra)

5 Pieces $6.5010 Pieces $10.7515 Pieces $16.2520 Pieces $21.25Fried Hard
Sauce (the more *, the spicier) - (Select 1):No Sauce Full Bloom (sauteed hot & sweet peppers in garlic lemon butter and topped with our Boom Boom sauce +$1Triple Threat (Boom Boom, cajun ranch, & ranch) +$1** Cajun Ranch ** Cajun Ranch + Salt & Vinegar ** Boom Boom * Buffalo *Buffalo + Lemon Pepper *Remoulade Sweet and Tangy *Sweet Zensation Garlic Parmesan Honey BBQ Cocktail Tartar Ranch Blue Cheese Honey Mustard Lemon Pepper (Dry) Salt & Vinegar (Dry)
Sauce Options (Select 1):On the Side No Sauce Tossed +$0.50Drizzled Full Boom (on it) Full Boom (on the side +$0.25
Dipping Sauce:Ranch Blue Cheese
Add-on Sides (Optional):French Fries +$2.25Fried Pickles +$2.25Fried Okra +$2.25Zucchini/Squash +$2.25Zucchini ONLY +$2.25Squash ONLY +$2.25Simple Salad +$2.25Hush Puppies (6) +$2.25
Condiments (Optional):Ketchup Mustard Mayo Hot Sauce
Sauces (the more *, the spicier) EXTRA (Select):**Boom Boom +$0.50***Full Boom (sauteed hot & sweet peppers in garlic lemon butter and topped with OUR Boom Boom sauce) +$1Triple Threat (Boom Boom, cajun, & ranch +$1**Cajun Ranch +$0.50**Cajun Ranch + Salt & Vinegar +$1*Buffalo +$0.50*Buffalo + Lemon Pepper +$1Sweet & Tangy Sweet & Tangy Lemon Pepper +$1*Sweet Zensation +$0.50Garlic Parmesan +$0.50Honey BBQ +$0.50Cocktail +$0.50Tartar +$0.50*Remoulade +$0.50Ranch +$0.50Blue Cheese +$0.50Honey Mustard +$0.50Lemon Pepper (Dry) +$0.50Salt & Vinegar (Dry) +$0.50
Add-on Fish:1 Fish +$52 Fish +$103 Fish +$154 Fish +$20
Add-on Tenders:2 Tenders +$54 Tenders +$106 Tenders +$15
Add-on Boneless Wings:5 boneless +$510 boneless +$1015 boneless +$15
Add-on Shrimp:5 Shrimp +$510 Shrimp +$1015 Shrimp +$1520 Shrimp +$20
Add-on Traditional Bone-in Wings:5 Bone-in +$610 Bone-in +$1115 Bone-in +$16
Salad Dressings (Select 1):No Dressing Balsamic Vinaigrette Italian Ranch Blue Cheese Honey Mustard Boom Boom sauce Sweet Zensation Catalina

Jax Food Truck