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Team Love Seafood (Jacksonville, FL)

Booming Salad


A fusion of our TLS Salad and Full Boom (Fried Hot Cherry, Banana and Sweet Peppers, drizzled heavily in our Boom Boom Sauce)

Meat Preparation (Select 1):Select this DEFAULT for BBQ Fried Fried Hard Fried Lightly Blackened Blackened Lightly Grilled
Salad Dressings - EXTRA (Optional):Balsamic Vinaigrette +$0.50Italian +$0.50Ranch +$0.50Honey Mustard +$0.50Boom Boom sauce +$0.50Sweet Zensation +$0.50Catalina +$0.50
Salad Options (Optional):No Tomatoes No Croutons No Cheese No Nuts/Cranberries (TLS salad only)
Salad Toppings - EXTRA (Optional):Extra Shrimp +$3Extra Fish +$3Extra Chicken +$3Extra Cheese +$0.50Extra Nuts/Cranberries +$0.50Extra Tomatoes +$0.50Extra Croutons +$0.50
Salad Meat Toppings Booming (Optional):Fish Shrimp Chicken 1/2 Fish 1/2 Shrimp +$31/2 Shrimp 1/2 Chicken +$31/2 Fish 1/2 Chicken +$3Fish, Shrimp, Chicken +$5

Team Love Seafood (Jacksonville, FL)

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