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Gourmet Egg Rolls - TLS Convenience Meals: Take & “You” Bake Later
Team Love Seafood (Mobile, AL)

Gourmet Seafood Egg Roll Take & "You" Bake (C)

This is not your normal Egg Roll, its made with Crawfish, Crabmeat, and Shrimp in savory cheeses, spices and a special sauce on the inside. So be careful when you bite into it, it can mimic volcano like activity in the most beautiful and tasty way.

BEST WAY TO REHEAT: An air fryer is best, convection oven second, but can use a regular oven as well.

From a FROZEN State ONLY:
Bake on 375 for 15-20 min

Egg Rolls: Choose Your Quantity:1 for 10 +$102 for 16 +$16
Pescatarian 🌶

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