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Po'Boys, Tacos & Sandwiches - Team Love Seafood Menu
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Po' Boys


Dressed w/lettuce and tomato on a buttered grilled hoagie bun and finished w/ your choice of sauce

Po' Boys (Select 1):Shrimp +$0.25Fish Chicken 1/2 Fish 1/2 Shrimp +$1
Preparation (Select 1):Fried Fried Hard Fried Lightly Blackened Blackened Lightly Grilled
Po' Boy or Taco Options (Select):No lettuce No tomatoes Pack for travel (lettuce and tomato on the side) +$0.25
Sauce (the more *, the spicier) - (Select 1):No Sauce Full Bloom (sauteed hot & sweet peppers in garlic lemon butter and topped with our Boom Boom sauce +$1Triple Threat (Boom Boom, cajun ranch, & ranch) +$1** Cajun Ranch ** Cajun Ranch + Salt & Vinegar ** Boom Boom * Buffalo *Buffalo + Lemon Pepper *Remoulade Sweet and Tangy *Sweet Zensation Garlic Parmesan Honey BBQ Cocktail Tartar Ranch Blue Cheese Honey Mustard Lemon Pepper (Dry) Salt & Vinegar (Dry)
Sauce Options (Select 1):On the Side No Sauce Tossed +$0.50Drizzled Full Boom (on it) Full Boom (on the side +$0.25
Add-on Sides (Optional):French Fries +$2.25Fried Pickles +$2.25Fried Okra +$2.25Zucchini/Squash +$2.25Zucchini ONLY +$2.25Squash ONLY +$2.25Simple Salad +$2.25Hush Puppies (6) +$2.25
Condiments (Optional):Ketchup Mustard Mayo Hot Sauce
Sauces (the more *, the spicier) EXTRA (Select):**Boom Boom +$0.50***Full Boom (sauteed hot & sweet peppers in garlic lemon butter and topped with OUR Boom Boom sauce) +$1Triple Threat (Boom Boom, cajun, & ranch +$1**Cajun Ranch +$0.50**Cajun Ranch + Salt & Vinegar +$1*Buffalo +$0.50*Buffalo + Lemon Pepper +$1Sweet & Tangy Sweet & Tangy Lemon Pepper +$1*Sweet Zensation +$0.50Garlic Parmesan +$0.50Honey BBQ +$0.50Cocktail +$0.50Tartar +$0.50*Remoulade +$0.50Ranch +$0.50Blue Cheese +$0.50Honey Mustard +$0.50Lemon Pepper (Dry) +$0.50Salt & Vinegar (Dry) +$0.50
Salad Dressings (Select 1):No Dressing Balsamic Vinaigrette Italian Ranch Blue Cheese Honey Mustard Boom Boom sauce Sweet Zensation Catalina

Jax Food Truck