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Slammabama BBQ - Team Love Seafood Menu
Team Love Seafood PopUp (ATL)


*SAUCE DOES NOT COME ON THE MEAT, because we focus on flavor...sauce on the side can be requested.

You must Add-On a Side of your choice or Select the No Side option...Premium Sides are optional

4 Bones +$128 Bones +$2112 Bones (1 Slab) +$35
BBQ Sauce:No Sauce Honey Hickory BBQ Sauce Cajun Que BBQ Sauce Sweet & Tangy BBQ Sauce
Add-On Smoked Meats:1-Rib Bone +$31-Rib Slab +$30
Add-On BBQ Sauce (Optional):Honey Hickory BBQ Sauce +$0.50Cajun Que BBQ Sauce +$0.50Sweet & Tangy BBQ Sauce +$0.50
Add-on BBQ Sides (Must Select 1):No SIDE French Fries +$3Fried Pickles +$3Fried Okra +$3Hush Puppies (6) +$3Zucchini & Squash (sautéed) +$3Zucchini ONLY (sautéed) +$3Squash ONLY (sautéed) +$3
Add-on Premium Side (Optional).:Sea and Soul Food Spaghetti (Take & "You" Bake) +$7Sea and Soul Food Spaghetti (Hot & Ready) +$7

Team Love Seafood PopUp (ATL)

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