READ ME FIRST Before Placing Your Order

There is a minimum of 2 dozen or 4 dozen per order for optimal shipping.

All orders must be received by Friday 8PM EST EACH WEEK in order to be SHIPPED out the following TUESDAY.  The FRIDAY date you select in the dropdown when placing your order will determine what TUESDAY your ORDER will be shipped, so please be pay close attention to the date you are selecting.

All orders should arrive by THURSDAY in the same week shipped, however we have no control of the post office deliveries.  

 We will send out all TRACKING numbers once orders have been mailed. 

We will packaged the order according to our standards but have no control over the handling of packages once they leave our possession.  

If you are not willing to accept the risk and not hold us accountable or leave bad reviews for damages or delays please do not place your order and we appreciate your understanding.

Additionally, if you have large orders 25 or more dozen, please reach out to us through our contact form. If you are having a wedding or any event that requires personal or in-person service, again complete our contact us form and we will get back to you.  

Thank you for your grace, 

Team Love Seafood